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Initial Assessment


Services begin with a Functional Behavioral Assessment.


This may take 2 - 3 sessions.

  • We observe the child and behaviors

  • Discuss goals and primary concerns with parents

Plan Creation


After the FBA comes plan creation.

  • We create a behavior intervention plan &

  • Set behavior and skill acquisition goals to address specific skill defecits.



Now that a specific plan has been created.  A Clinical Supervisor will contact you and 1-2 Behavioral Interventionists will be assigned to you based on how many hours are medically necessary that is recommended by one of our BCBAs.

1-on-1 Therapy


After a couple of weeks of rapport building.  The plan that was created for the client will be carried out by our Behavior Interventionists and BCBA staff.  More information will be provided when services begin.

We are currently in network with the following providers:

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