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We believe in the importance of teaching ABA therapy in a multitude of settings to ensure socially appropriate behaviors.  Our behavioral strategies are evidence based and focused on the foundation of positive reinforcement and motivation.

Behavioral Therapy

At Spectrum Solutions Therapy we strive to provide the highest quality ABA therapy.  We hire, train, and retain the best staff in order to maintain high standards.  

You can rest assured that our ABA therapy will be of the highest quality through ongoing training and weekly meetings with all Spectrum Solutions Therapy staff. We provide in home ABA services, clinic based therapy and services in the community.

Behavioral Therapy

Parent Consultations

At Spectrum Solutions Therapy we believe in the importance of including parents and all caregivers within our treatment plans. 


All out parent consultants are experienced Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA).

Parent Consultations

BCBA Supervision

All of our supervision is provided by a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) to ensure quality and integrity of all treatment plans.

BCB Supervision

We provide social skills classes to create opportunities for language, appropriate interactions and exposure to others in a variety of different settings.

Social Skills Classes

Social Skills Classes

Soca Skills Classes
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